About Us

Michael, the Principal, license and founder of Rave Real Estate had a dream to create a property agency that was in line with his beliefs of having a true passion for real estate and the people involved with it.  Now with over 20 years varied experience in Real Estate working with such companies as Raine & Horne, L J Hooker, Ray White, Robert R Andrews and Professionals.  Michael has taken his natural talent and finely tuned skills to create his own dream company.

With his reputation of ‘Results worth Raving about’, this has put the fear of competition into other Real Estate agents as they know he is a great negotiator and will go the extra mile for his clients.  Michael has demonstrated repeatedly that he can sell and advise with the best in the field.  While being responsible for listing and selling some of the best properties in Sydney.
Michael has repeatedly achieved recorded breaking sale price results and turnaround times for his clients.  This has made his skills and services sought after by many well-known organisations, property developers, general buyers and sellers.  Most of his referrals have been through ‘word of mouth’, from previous clients referring their own friends and family or returning to do business again with their new property needs.

So experience the difference yourself, of having your property needs cared for by someone who loves their job and is not just doing their job.
If it is outstanding results and great personal service that you are looking for, then look no further than Rave Real Estate for all your property needs.  We look forward to assisting you reach your goals.

Michael’s own story of his true passion…

When I was 15 years old and still at school I started painting houses.  I realised I had a fascination with the history and character of them.  It felt like the homes had a life of their own, that they each had their own history and personalities, I was naturally keen to learn more about them.  After completing my tafe course as a painter and decorator, I knew I wanted more in my life.  I found that painting and decorating was just not enough to satisfy me, I didn’t feel complete, there was something missing for me.

I realised that people and property were intertwined and that the people give the house history and love and in turn the house gives warmth and shelter.  It was then that I knew I wanted to be involved in the interaction between these two important aspects of life.  This then naturally lead me to becoming a real estate agent to follow my true passion.
Soon after this realisation I enrolled in Dover Heights College, a large well respected real estate education facility.  While working part-time for an office in my local area and meeting many of the other agents, I realised that there was something different about me and my approach to Real Estate.

I was truly was passionate about the people and the property and I felt fulfilled in the profession.  I continued to learn while experiencing different real estate companies approaches, till I knew I was time to create my own property agency that aligned more with my beliefs and values.

I wanted to help clients feel more secure and have the freedom to work in partnership with their vision.  I believed in truly appreciating and valuing these relationships.  I value being able to adapt to meet a client’s needs while showing dedication and loyalty.  I know the importance of perseverance to enable the delivering of outstanding Results that go above and beyond the usually expected.  I value the sense of satisfaction after having clients voice their pleasure at the property outcomes I have helped them achieve.